Private Label

At Pickle and Spice we are producing ghee under our own brand (Core Organics) AND we do Private Label / White Label production for third parties.

All ghee we make is strictly certified organic ghee. And, please understand: we make high quality-, good tasting ghee only. Always produced via heating (rather than via centrifugation).

Our ghee can also be used as organic Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF) in bakery, confectionery and ice cream manufacturing


Consumers will mostly show interest in buying the merchandise through bigger manufacturers rather than a business that may not have a previous track record.

Still, a private label ghee product must be of good and consistent quality and can be sold without promotions or aggressive brand publicity.

The advantages of private labeling

There are some specific advantages of a private label, where quality ghee is produced for and sold by the company that owns the brand. Some of the advantages of private labeling ghee may include:

Loyalty: A longstanding business process asset is creating and retaining a loyal customer base. Branding through private labeling is a great way to build strong loyalty from customers who already know and like your brand. A good product at a reasonable cost creates better customer satisfaction.

Exclusivity: Private labeling allows you to separate yourself from your competitors. One of the best things about private labels is that you alone have the exclusive right to sell the ghee product. Good marketing will create a demand for it, which benefits you because you are your customers’ only source for the product.


Interested in producing Certified Organic Ghee in your own Label? Contact us for information today